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Waste Management

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GAINCO's hazardous & non-hazardous waste management experts take a methodical approach to designing your waste management plan.

Our expert staff will:

  • Study your organization to determine the amounts and types of wastes generated.
  • Identify which wastes are hazardous and/or regulated; leading to hazardous waste disposal expense savings.
  • Prepare a hazardous waste management program specific to your company based upon the quantity and types of hazardous waste generated.
  • Assist in the design and set-up of a waste accumulation area.
  • Implement a hazardous waste record-keeping system or properly track hazardous waste and associated activities, including hazardous waste training and DOT training.
  • Create a hazardous waste contingency plan.
  • Prepare waste analyses and documentation procedures
  • Provide guidance on waste consolidation, lab packing, transportation services, waste collection, recycling, and disposal options.
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