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Environmental Remediation Services

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GAINCO offers cost-effective, guaranteed remediation services. Using state of the art technology, creativity and innovation, GAINCO has built a reputation for excellence in environmental remediation for nearly a decade. Our mission is to respond to your request with top quality equipment, trained and experienced personnel, and to attain closure of your site quickly and efficiently. From remote sites to those located in highly populated areas, you cab be sure our team has only one get the job done safely, on time and on budget.

Consider the following when choosing your environmental remediation partner:

  • Mobility: Is your Remediation Contractor mobile? GAINCO's large inventory of owned equipment and mobile staff allows the company to respond to your emergency immediately.
  • Regulatory Knowledge: Can your Remediation Contractor express knowledge of your regulatory environment?
  • Technical Skills: Does your contractor have the skills required to most effectively select and apply various remedial technologies most applicable to your environmental impairment?
  • Turnkey Services: Does your remediation contractor offer turnkey services in addition to niche services as appropriate to your needs?
  • Flexibility: Is your contractor flexible with respect to technology, schedule, contract types, and services?
  • Goal Oriented: Does your contractor really understand your ultimate goal and act as a partner to help you achieve it?
  • Financially Stable: Is your contractor financially stable? Does he offer alternative, flexible payment options? GAINCO Environmental Remediation offers payment options to fit your needs, and offers service agreements that allow our clients to budget for unforeseen emergency response events.
  • Reporting Services: Does your remediation contractor offer reporting services to you, your client, or the regulatory agencies? GAINCO's propritary reporting system, called GAINCO GTS, employs sophisticated bar coding, virtual databases and GPS, and is built to function in the field. Designed as a DROID™ mobile phone application, GAINCO GTS allows you to track your hazardous waste as it travels from your site to its final disposal destination. With a few clicks, you can instantly identify where each and every container is located, even as it is trucked away for final disposal. This is especially valuable in a natural disaster like a hurricane, tornado or flood situation.
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GAINCO is an industtry leader in providing safe, innovative and cost effective solutions to environmental issues. Our professionsals bring years of practical experience to remediating sites in the manner best suited to the project, the client and the services to be provided. We work closely with engineering and consulting firms to provide proven remedies to impacted sites.

  • Turnkey Remediation (Harzardous & Non-Hazardous)
  • Excavation & Earthwork
  • On-Site Treatment
  • On-Site Stabilization
  • Barrier & Interceptor Trench Construction
  • Dewatering & Volume Reduction
  • Sediment Remediation
  • Facilities Decontamination & Demolition
  • UST/AST Cleaning
  • Confined Space Entry Work
  • Tank Dewatering & Cleaning
  • Pond Closure
  • Site Closure
  • Buried Drum Removal, Overpacking & Remediation Pipeline Services
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